Saturday, 14 September 2013

Yesterday Morning ...

...after the boys had gone to school I sat down at my sewing machine and made this.  A member of staff at one of the boys' schools is retiring and over the years we've had many laughs and shared many things  - one of them being a mutual love of, yes, donkeys (I feel as if I'm at a confessional!).    Anything hand-made is slightly more personal and, love them or hate them, a mug rug is the perfect answer for someone of my sewing ability.  So without further ado, here is the aforementioned object.

I love Laurie Wisbrun's fabric designs.  I've had this stashed for ages.

I backed it with something I picked up in a fabric store in Bude, Cornwall, one holiday.   I think it's a polycotton.  It's bound with my favourite Architextures in black (soon to appear as a quilt binding).


I also had just enough of this ribbon in my stash - very timely, I thought. 

Have a lovely weekend, all.


  1. It's fantastic, I am certain she will love it!!!

  2. Hello! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I've just been reading back through yours and realised that you made the lovely wooly jumper ATC last time round! Are you involved in the swap this time? By the way did you know you're a "no-reply blogger" (maybe deliberately?)

    1. Hi there, no I'm not this time. Definitely next time though. No, I didn't realise I was a "no-reply blogger" - inadvertent!. Thanks for the heads up, and thanks for the lovely comment about my ATC.


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