Thursday, 6 June 2013

After a fairly lengthy blogging hiatus...

...I'm back.  Yay.  In spite of no recent blog posts I have been extremely (creatively) busy. 

I took part in my very first swap - The Very Berry Handmade ATC Swap.  Thank you so much Ali for organising and co-ordinating such a fun swap.  There is so much inspiring talent out there.

I received this: 

from Jackie - incorporating all my favourite elements - irises, Liberty prints, beading, bright colours and a dragonfly.  Thank you Jackie, it's beautiful.

I sent this:

to Chris at UK City Crafter  (a blog choc-full of gorgeous and very accomplished craftiness).  Chris, thank you for your lovely feedback - hugely appreciated :-)

This swap was a stretch for me, firstly once again putting myself out there (still getting used to that) and secondly, sewing on such a diddy scale.  I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it (shoulders hunched over my Bernina, Bernina, Bernina of an evening)!   I also enjoyed the knitting - I initially started out on bigger needles and eventually visited a local yarn shop, requesting "the smallest DPN's you have, please".  Many (many) attempts later I had a little t-shirt I was happy to use.  The merino yarn I'd bought back in Easter from a lovely little yarn shop on the canal in Bude, North Cornwall.  The liberty prints were from my stash - I'd no idea I had so much green. 

Now for the next bit of creative busyness - those of you who've glanced at my Flickr stream will no doubt have spotted some dolls - Blythe dolls to be exact.   Two months ago I had never heard of Blythe.  Whilst browsing a quilting blog (can't remember which) I came across a doll - and followed a thread - which led me into a phenomenally creative world of fashion, photography and art - all encompassed in a doll!   I've rediscovered knitting (I've been churning out dolly knits), I've been sewing and designing little dresses and skirts, and my next aim is to seriously improve my photography skills - which can only benefit these blog shots of mine!   Playing with colours and techniques on a smaller scale is fun and I especially enjoy the more frequent satisfaction of projects rapidly completed in the midst of the ongoing (enjoyable) maelstrom of family, work and school that is my life.  For those interested more can be found here.

I'm now ready for a big project again and my next quilt will be......
(tell you next time x).