Wednesday, 27 March 2013

An entire blog-post about a colour? Let's see....

Last week a little piece of heaven (along with some other lovely pieces of colour and design) arrived in a small parcel from    The two Summersville FQ's in blue and green were an unexpected but very appreciated addition - thank you.    

In case anyone's wondering, I know I showcased the above green Lizzie House print in my quilt top in the Pantone Emerald Quilt Challenge 2013  - (which I thoroughly enjoyed -see previous blog post), but I found myself really really liking these particular greens - and I've had an idea for another quilt using these colours - so I'm currently stashing for that as it requires half yards as opposed the FQ's I had collected. 

Pearl Bracelet - just because!  I like Pearl Bracelet - it's got to be one of the most versatile fabric designs I've ever used - it just seems to work wherever it's placed, and more than that, it makes the fabric around it work harder too!   When I added this particular one to my budding Pearl Bracelet collection I found that..... it's already there!  Ssshhh!  One can never have too much of this particular good thing.

And now, on to the "little piece of heaven" that is............................


 Crosshatch in tangerine

 - and what a colour this is.  It sings.  It makes my heart sing AND it makes all the colours in the quilt I've just bound with it sing too!   (Quite noisy round here then).   Even Truffle likes it. 

And where's the quilt with this wonderful binding?  Almost complete - I just have to try my hand at needle turn applique (eek, my skill with a sewing needle is non-existent) to tie in all the colours.   And there's also a little fudge on the back which has turned into the best kind, looking as if it was meant to be.  

Watch this space!


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  1. love that Truffle is testing out all the quilting material!!
    love the green with the butterfly :)


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