Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Days

Not much sewing going on here at the moment - lots of sledging though - with the boys off school for the last few days due to an abundance of snow.

I thought I'd showcase a December 2012 finish, a crocheted blanket I began in 2011 for my eldest son (now 15).  I'd originally planned for the stripes run horizontally, but when it became apparent that due to the width of the blanket I'd be lucky to finish it for his 30th birthday, the stripes became vertical.  This is because I approached it the way I seem to approach most projects - by just diving in.  Not for me the beautifully arranged pre-chosen colours and sensibly worked out and pre-bought amount of yarn.  More a rummage through my stash and submitting a few for approval.  Then casting on until it seemed wide enough, and then crocheting some rows, adding another colour, adding another, frogging, adding more - until a pattern emerges that I'm happy with.  Then a mad dash for yarn whilst on holiday in Devon, having sourced the only little yarn shop for miles around, and getting there with 5 minutes to spare before it closed.  Success.  

Here's the blanket being modelled by Truffle: 

(not sure why the picture's on it's side - it wasn't originally - lots to learn about blogger).

Blanket Stats:
Yarn:  Stylecraft Special DK
Colours:  Midnight/Denim/Parchment
Size:  52" x 75"


  1. Hi Gill,
    only just realised that you have a blog! I think I remember you working on that crochet blanket - it looks lovely. Your quilting is also looking very impressive. I can only imagine how your fabric stash must have grown!!!

  2. Thanks Lizzy and yes, right about the stash....sshhh!!!


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