Monday, 5 November 2012

Welcome to my very first blog post
on Bonfire night 2012 

This blog is intended to be a record of my quilting journey.  I was introduced to quilting by a friend (after a fairly concerted campaign on her behalf - for which I shall be eternally grateful) in 2009The doors to a new, wonderful, fabric-filled world opened, I fell in, and here I am.  Quilting was the missing link for me, I've sketched, painted and scrap-booked, all of which I've thoroughly enjoyed - but I didn't HAVE to do any of them.  Quilting I do - even if I can't actually get to my sewing machine for a few days (children, animals, work) I spend most all of my time thinking of quilts (and fabric).  Did I mention fabric 

I also spend far too much time browsing all the wonderful blogs out there - blogs which never cease to inspire and amaze me.  The first of these was 
and it is still my favourite. 

My most recent finish - a pillow cover for one of my nieces, made from a little bundle of 4" squares she'd bought at a craft show.  This is the first time I've sewn squares together like this.  I quilted in straight lines and then diagonally in one direction.

Here's the back - made from leftover fabric - I've never sewn in a zipper/sewn a buttonhole - can you tell?  I bought the ribbon from

Now my boys would like pillows to match their quilts....

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